Welcome to our podcast series, where we (Michael and Marco) discuss how the latest technologies impact our lives and the economy. In each episode we also bring in a different perspective, from startups operating at the edge of technology and other experts.

Latest Episodes

Episode 9: Markforged — Breaking Technology Barriers in 3D Printing

For the second episode in our miniseries on Additive Manufacturing, we interview Greg Mark, founder and CEO of Markforged (along with their Director of Communications Trak Lord). Deloitte recently ranked Markforged...

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Episode 8: 3D Hubs — A 3D Printing Primer

In our view, 3D Printing – also known as Additive Manufacturing – ranks up there with Artificial Intelligence as one of “those technologies,” meaning one of those that truly...

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Episode 7: Presentr – Pitch Prfect

We shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. But when we meet someone, that’s exactly what we do. Within the first few minutes, we form a strong impression based...

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Episode 6: Swytch – How To Incentivize And Verify A Carbon-Free World

What if we were able to reliably record and measure every action that reduces the carbon footprint—and agree on which steps have the greatest impact? Swytch.io wants to make this possible. In this episode, co-founder Evan Caron argues that it all starts (as always) with data

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Episode 5: Graphistry – Graph Analytics In The Cloak And Dagger World

We are inundated by data, in our professional and personal lives. How do we make sense of it, extract the insights we need? An image is worth a thousand...

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Episode 4: TAFi — Laying the Data Foundations for the Future of Healthcare

Digital innovation promises, literally, miracle cures with precision medicine and gene therapy. But none of them will materialize if we don’t fix the current broken data infrastructure. Kevin Desai...

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Episode 3: Xometry — Manufacturing as a Service

Randy Altschuler, CEO of Xometry, has created a network of 2400 manufacturers that allows Xometry to deliver custom-made parts on demand. We discuss how Manufacturing as a Service can...

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Episode 2: Sorcero — Bringing AI Magic to Learning

Fast-paced innovation challenges us to pick up new skills and knowledge a lot more quickly. Listen to our conversation with Dipanwita Das to learn how AI can help spread...

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Episode 1: Citrine — AI Meets Materials Science

In our inaugural episode we talk with Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics. Citrine uses Artificial Intelligence to accelerate the discovery and development of new materials–from years to days!...

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We’ve just begun…stay tuned for more! We have more great podcasts in the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can sign up for our distribution list below, and we’ll alert you as soon as a new episode is out. 

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The global issues that make our heads spin: economic growth, trade, inequality, climate change


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The nitty-gritty:  how stuff actually gets done, how innovation is implemented, the details and dynamics of individual industries and products

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