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The Story Behind Our Podcast

The Team

We share a passionate curiosity for how innovation redefines what is possible, and for what motivates people. This podcast series continues the intense discussions we had when we worked together in GE’s Business Innovation Strategy unit. We ‘ve been living this fourth industrial revolution from the start, and always look at it through the multiple prisms of our experience in industry, government and finance.  

Marco Annunziata

Economics, Innovation & Business Strategy

Marco is the cofounder of Annunziata + Desai Advisors, and former Chief Economist and Head of Business Innovation Strategy at GE. Find out more about Marco here.

Michael Leifman

Business innovation, Future of Work, Energy and Environmental Policy

Michael is the founding principal of Tenley Consulting and former Senior Strategist for GE’s Business Innovation. Find out more about Michael here

About Our Podcast

In our podcast series we explore the multiple innovations that are reshaping our lives and transforming the world around us. We talk to the founders of the Startups at the Edge of innovation to take you beyond the hype and understand how these new technologies come to life. 

We discuss how these new technologies will change the way we work and  reshape entire sectors of our economies. We try to understand who will be the winners and losers–among both companies and countries. We look at which jobs will likely be lost to automation, and which new jobs will arise. We show you how hard it can be to implement and scale these innovations–but also how profound their impact will be.